Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Gnome3, what's to like and what is not...

So here is a simple list I keep for myself, listing what I like about Gnome 3 and what I do not like.

  • Clean interface
  • Click on an already opened app in the application menu switches you to that app
  • Good sized grippy for resizing windows
Do not like
  • My external drive (xfs filesystem) gets mounted automatically, but cleanly unmounting it seems to require clicking through the application menu to the disk utility or nautilus and then to the device in order to click 'unmount' or opening a shell and doing it manually: no icon on desktop, no applet, no readily available application to do this
  • CPU for gnome-shell is around 20% constantly, even if I don't do anything (after today's updates, gnome-shell is down to about 8%, but Xorg is still between 15% and 20% most of the time...) This seems to have been fixed :)
  • May call for revival of gkrellm, because the gnome-panel based system-monitor is no more
  • Click on an already opened app in the application menu switches you to that app. I'm putting this in both the 'like' and 'hate' columns. Why? Because I like it when new windows open in new Firefox tabs in the window that already was open. But I *hate* it when I click 'Terminal' and get shoved to the desktop where there was one running already. Needs to get a blacklist of some sorts where we can say: "no, for terminals, *always* open a new one". Or something like that.
Jury's still out
  • Size of the icons in application chooser (too big?)
  • Size of the window decoration is a bit big and eating too much screen real estate?
I must say, I kinda like it. I do predict there will be a large demand for a program like TweakUI in the near future (damn' it's been a long time since I mentioned that program to anyone). Taking away some clutter is good, but take away all settings and people will try and find new ways to tweak what you tried to hide from sight :)