Monday, October 18, 2010

Resume from suspend broken on recent Fedora, Ubuntu, Arch (and maybe more)

So I was testing out the most recent Fedora 14 beta on my Sony Vaio FW21E and found that though suspend itself seemed to work fine, resuming did not. Pressing the power button to resume from suspend resulted in a complete lukewarm boot.

A bit of Googling showed that there a good many people suffering from this. There are posts on the Ubuntu forums and the Arch Linux forums about it. Apparently, a kernel patch regarding ACPI introduced during the development of 2.6.35 broke stuff a bit for some hardware.

Luckily, upstream has already noticed this. If you pass acpi_sleep=nonvs to the kernel command line, resuming from suspend will work nicely again. An automatic fix will be in 2.6.36: devices needing the acpi_sleep=nonvs option will be blacklisted, so manual correction will not be necessary anymore.

To fix this on Fedora and Arch Linux running the old 0.97 version of grub, you can just edit /boot/grub/grub.conf and add the acpi_sleep=nonvs to the end of the 'kernel' line.

On Ubuntu, running the newer grub2 bootloader, you should edit /etc/default/grub and add acpi_sleep=nonvs to the end of the line for the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT variable. After that, run 'sudo update-grub' to make things permanent.

Many of the people reporting this problem on the forums have Sony hardware, though I did see some other things, like Dell passing by.

Happy suspending!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Trying to get away from Flickr

I created a Flickr account in '05, that is five years back. In the meantime, I have uploaded a huge amount of photo's to it. Last year, in between all the 'Microsoft will take over Yahoo' rumors, I tried to get away, just to see whether I could go without Flickr or that Flickr would prove to be just too good.

It *is* just too good. Over the past year, I tried - in random order - Picasa, Ipernity and Zooomr. Neither of them is even close to Flickr. Here's why.

First Picasa. Much as I like Google for most of its services (I'll skip the political issues), Picasa is just plain wrong. It lacks just about every feature that makes Flickr neat. I'm actually sorry I paid for this. It's just no good. Picasa development for Linux is *way* too slow and running Picasa on Wine sucks.

Then Ipernity. Ipernity is in just about every aspect a Flickr clone and yet still it lacks. It lacks in the fact that there is no working Python SDK for it and the fact that its community is just not the same as Flickrs. That last part is subjective, of course, but it is the feeling Ipernity left me with.

Last is Zooomr. Although Zooomr is a nice project and I have a Pro account for it for free (used it to post my blog pictures a while back), I hardly use it anymore. Why? Because it's more broken than not (at least, it used to be) and doesn't feel nearly as intuitive as Flickr, Picasa and Ipernity. It feels messy. Also, it is often 'closed because of the impending next big release'.

But Flickr has a great community, a host of third party apps (for making prints or t-shirts or calendars, you name it), a good feature set, SDK's, uploading tools that work on Linux and it works *all the time*. So from today, I'm back on Flickr. I tried to get away, but is just too good.

Monday, June 21, 2010

This is where the net goes without neutrality

How does this look as a future ad for an ISP? This is where we'll go without netneutrality. Like it? I figure you do not. Netneutrality is important for everyone, not just us geeks.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Clicky keyboard forevah!

A couple of months ago, I had this conversation with one of my buddies at work about keyboards. I told him I used to have an old IBM keyboard at one of my previous jobs, that I had loved it and that I missed it :'(

The next day or so, he brought me an ancient IBM model M keyboard he had lying around. It's a wonderful piece of mechanics (yes, mechanics, not - or hardly - electronics). According a Wikipedia article about the Model M, this one is approximately between 15 and 18 years old.

Between the time this keyboard was made, I have gone through at least 2 Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro's, a Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro OEM, a wireless piece of Microsoft keyboard junk, some Logitech PoS and another, slightly bent, Microsoft keyboard. Strangely, as much as I am a Linux fanatic lover, I kinda like Microsoft's hardware. Maybe they should specialize in that and leave making operating systems to the adults. ;-) But even though I liked some of the above keyboards (especially the Natural Keyboard Pro's), they all pretty much died under the heavy usage I submitted them to.

This IBM wonder here is way, *way* older and still functions brilliantly. The only downside is the noise it makes when used, but that's of course also part of it's high cool-factor.

Anyway, the Model M my buddy gave me was old. Dirty and old. So I have been looking for an opportunity to clean it and last Sunday, it finally arrived.

First, I started popping off all of the letter caps. I still couldn't quite get underneath the keys though, so I just took them all off, revealing 15 to 18 years of dust and, well, let's just leave it at 'dust, etc.' ;-) The spacebar seems to have had a thing metal wire attached to it, with some sort of metal clamp. I'm not sure what the wire was supposed to do. The wire disappears into the keyboard. I don't exactly know where it goes. If someone knows what the wire is for, please leave a comment. I broke the wire when I took off the spacebar >:)

Next, armed with a kitchen rag and some nice chemical kitchen cleaner, I viciously attacked the dirt on the keyboard, but not before having dealt the first blow using the almighty vacuum cleaner. This left my keyboard in a fairly clean state.

After I popped off all of the letter caps from the plasic feet they're attached to, I just dropped all of them in the sink and drowned them with hot water and Dreft. Dreft always delivers :-) When I fished them out, they were mostly clean, so I just left them to dry on an old towel in the study.

If you are still reading at this point: get a life. A guy is telling you the most boring story ever about how he cleaned this keyboard. Sheesh... :P

A good 20 minutes of puzzling later, I had myself a pretty, clean, working and noisy IBM model M keyboard. I love it. I'm typing this post on it now (the main reason I'm writing this is to check all the keys and whether it feels right. It does, btw).

Jeroen, thanks man. Nothing beats the Model M!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

ig Content's dystopian wish-list for the US gov't ( reblog)

Trying to expose as many people as possible to some utterly, utterly insane, ridiculous and infuriating things the MPAA and the RIAA want the US government to do. Maybe we should all stop listing, watching and buying DVD's and CD's altogether...


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stop ACTA!

Als je nog nooit van ACTA gehoord hebt, wordt het tijd dat je er iets over leest. Echt. Zoveel tijd is er niet meer. ACTA kan in potentie een groot deel van de verworvenheden van de laatste 50 jaar teniet doen.