Sunday, March 8, 2009

I hacked my Vaio!

Yessiree! With a little help of some tools made by some great mind, I managed to flash the BIOS of my Vaio with some bytes changed. I readily admit it was *very* scary, but in the end it worked and now I have Intel VT working on my VGN-FW21E.

No thanks to Sony support, of course. I have had several email conversations with them, but in the end they always said: 'look, we don't support this and therefore we do not know how to turn it on'. With that they conveniently forgot they were the ones to build the stupid and broken BIOS image in the first place...

Anyway, if you own an Vaio from the FW-series (or a few other types), you might want to read this thread on the forums of It fixed my problem!

I can *finally* run kvm on this things, which is the one thing I originally bought it for!

$ lsmod | grep kvm
kvm_intel 52944 1
kvm 137976 1 kvm_intel


onTheEdge said...

so what does it mean "very scary" any black screen bios not appearing type of experience ?

onTheEdge said...

most of the procedures on the net were done on older types of vaio laptops could we write done for us a successful way of fixing the problem for your machine (vgn-fw21)

most important question being which position to change in BIOS file before flashing it back



wzzrd said...

No, the scary part was just the rebooting after the flash: the flash script didn't complete correctly, so I had to pull the plug afterwards. It worked though :)

For more information you should check out Igor's site, linked in my post.