Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bye bye, Hello!

In a couple of days, will be starting to charge users outside the US, UK and Germany for on-demand radio on their website. I used to be a subscriber, but I'm dropping their service like a hot potato for this.

It's not that I think that you shouldn't be paying for a webservice. It's just that I don't like being the one paying to make something free for someone else. Especially is the other person is not of the needy kind. That is what this feels like.

Someone on /. posted a comment refering to Hadn't heard of it, checked it out, saw it was cool, dropped like it had an STD.


Anonymous said...

The way the guys are spinning it, it's not that you're paying so ze Jurmens can listen for free (that would be something, really :P), but rather that they think those three markets are the only ones where they'll manage to make a profit.

If that is really the reason, it is a silly move, I think. Any revenue model that can make them a profit in Germany, should work in NL as well. If they lack the corporate presence to pull it off, they should just find a local partner. I'm sure there are some great ads agencies in Amsterdam that would be very happy handling such an account...

wzzrd said...

Make a profit? How? With advertising? Ads either work everywhere for something like, or nowhere at all.

Checked out btw? Nice site, me thinks.