Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bye bye, Hello!

In a couple of days, will be starting to charge users outside the US, UK and Germany for on-demand radio on their website. I used to be a subscriber, but I'm dropping their service like a hot potato for this.

It's not that I think that you shouldn't be paying for a webservice. It's just that I don't like being the one paying to make something free for someone else. Especially is the other person is not of the needy kind. That is what this feels like.

Someone on /. posted a comment refering to Hadn't heard of it, checked it out, saw it was cool, dropped like it had an STD.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Weave: your bookmarks in the cloud

In the past, I have used, Google Bookmarks and a host of other service to sync my bookmarks between installations of Firefox. In the end, I always quit using them pretty quickly (well, for synchronization at least, I'm still using Google Bookmarks for other stuff). I usually quit them because in the end, they didn't work. For example, (and Google Bookmarks) use tags to order your bookmarks. By itself pretty cool and very 21st century. Firefox however doesn't have a very useful interface for using a lot of tags. I have nearly 200 tags registered in my Google Bookmarks account. No problem for a web-based service like Google Bookmarks, but not very useful when you have a single column bookmarks menu in Firefox. I now tend to use Google Bookmarks for sites I need to be able to find again or sites that are an interesting read for later on. I still use the bookmarks menu in Firefox as my default bookmarking service.

Enter Weave. Weave is a Firefox extension / service from Mozilla Labs that lets you sync bookmarks, history etc. between Firefox installations. It needs Firefox 3.1b3 at the moment, so it's pretty bleeding edge. Nice feature is the fact that your stuff is stored encrypted by a passphrase you to supply when registering.

Now, imagine you have a Fennec installation on a small form-factor device. Fennec has Weave too, so I can use my main Firefox bookmarks, history, yes even tabs on the Fennec browser on my N800. I know Opera also has a feature like this, but I've never felt comfortable with Opera, so that just won't do. Besides, there is no Opera for my N800 :-)

So, to make a long story short: keep your eyes open for Weave.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I hacked my Vaio!

Yessiree! With a little help of some tools made by some great mind, I managed to flash the BIOS of my Vaio with some bytes changed. I readily admit it was *very* scary, but in the end it worked and now I have Intel VT working on my VGN-FW21E.

No thanks to Sony support, of course. I have had several email conversations with them, but in the end they always said: 'look, we don't support this and therefore we do not know how to turn it on'. With that they conveniently forgot they were the ones to build the stupid and broken BIOS image in the first place...

Anyway, if you own an Vaio from the FW-series (or a few other types), you might want to read this thread on the forums of It fixed my problem!

I can *finally* run kvm on this things, which is the one thing I originally bought it for!

$ lsmod | grep kvm
kvm_intel 52944 1
kvm 137976 1 kvm_intel