Wednesday, January 28, 2009

KDE4.2 is out (but still broken)!

Even though KDE4.2 looks nice and works pretty much ok, there are a lot of things that'll keep me from using it.

For exampe, the brightness keys on my laptop do not work, because Fn + KEY combination is apparently 'not supported by Qt'. Nice. I know Qt is the bomb and all, but functionality like controlling brightness of my screen should be implemented by using the correct key combinations. Too bad, because I like KDE4, but this is a show-stopper for me.


Anonymous said...

Meh, I toyed around with the release candidate a bit (KDE Four Live iso in kvm - by the way, did you resolve your Vaio issues with virtualising?), and I wasn't that impressed. It all looks neat, but I think I'll need someone else to show me around to grok the usability advances...

wzzrd said...

I try KDE every once in a while just to give it a fair chance, but eventually, I always end up using Gnome again. I try to like KDE4, I really do, but it's not easy ;-)

Anyway, the VAIO? No. Bastards at Sony still refuse to let me use a stock feature of something that is *mine*. Next time, I'll buy a Dell. Not a better product per se, but at least the don't treat users as retards by hard disabling Intel VT.