Thursday, November 13, 2008

LinuxWorld 2008 Utrecht

I'm at LinuxWorld in Utrecht today, mostly to attend some seminars. The first one I'm at now is a bit of a disapointment, as it is more about Java, JBoss and processes than about Linux. It's not a bad presentation, it's just not what makes me tick.

Update: Just attended the second seminar about 'covert channels', which was pretty good.

Update: Attending third one, by Microsoft's Hans Bos, right now...
Update: Bos' talk was ok, but even though this was LinuxWorld, Bos didn't use the L-word. Not once :-P
Update: Final talk from IBM's mr. Baht was amazing, almost to the point of asking: "Are you guys hiring?"

Disclaimer: written on tiny keyboard of Nokia N800; please forgive spelling errors! ;-)

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