Friday, October 3, 2008

Migrating from Revelation to KeepassX

I finally found time to finish a little script that converts the XML output generated by Revelation to XML that is readable by KeePassX. This enables relatively easy migration from Revelation to KeePassX.

The script is pretty rudimentary, as it not able to convert all account types Revelation offers. This is partly because for my personal use, I only needed the basic account type Revelation offers (the one that has a username, a password and a url) and partly because Revelation can do things KeePassX simply cannot.

Revelation offers the possibility to store more than one attachment with an account, which KeePassX cannot do, for example. Also, it's not always easy to map Revelation account properties against KeePassX properties: Revelation has a much wider variety of properties and some overlap a bit (password and pin for example). It's probably possible to deduce what goes where, but I lack the time to do so.

In the future, I might come up with a script that just puts all the exotic Revelation properties into the comment field for KeePassX. That would be fairly clean and straightforward.

If you have Ruby installed you can just call the script with two arguments: the first argument is the filename of the Revelation export, the second argument is the desired output filename.

As it is a simple script, it will only work if you have all your entries stored in folders in Revelation. Having entries in the root element of the Revelation tree will not work, because KeePassX does not allow you to store individual entries in the root element (I hope this is clear enough).

Anyway, it's probably not a very good or elegant program, but it got the job done for me and might do the same for you.

If you find you miss some entries or parts of entries, it's probably the missing field tags that are the culprit. If you fix this, please send me a copy of the fixed script (the script is GPL'ed). If you cannot fix it yourself, tell me the problem, so if and when I have some spare time, I might look into it.

Sadly, neither Blogger nor the KeePassX forums allow attaching files to a post, so you'll have to mail me if you want to have a go. If there is actual community interest in the script, I'll try to find some place to publish it for real.

Disclaimer: I do not claim the script does what it should do perfectly. Please be careful. Please be careful to securely erase the XML files afterwards. Use the script at your own discretion and responsibility.

Update: I mailed the script to a couple of people who left comments below and it seems to be working pretty much okay. Send me an email at maxim at wzzrd . com if you want it.

Update 2: I finally found time to place the script online somewhere. You can download it here. I'd appreciate a comment if you download it to tell me how it worked for you.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Utterly brilliant interview: SNL's Tina Fey does Sarah Palin

Absolutely brilliant! The amazing part is that a pretty big part of the text of Fey's version of Palin are Palin's actual responses in the real interview earlier this week. Pretty sure to make you giggle: take a look!