Friday, August 15, 2008

I really want a Jaiku invite

Omg. Since Twitter kinda sucks in more than one way (importing contacts is hell, outages, errors, etc.), I have trying to find a Jaiku invite somewhere, which is next to impossible. I really want one.

People claiming to have had Jaiku invites are all out of them now, the Jaikuinvites website seems all but dead (and not sending out invites in any way) and submitting your email address at doesn't help either.

Jaiku was aqcuired by Google in late '07. It's now (almost) late '08. Jaiku is still invite-only and still not "assimilated" by Google like Writely was converted to Google Docs.

There was some talk about Jaiku being a 20% project at Google, which wouldn't surprise me seen the pace with which Jaiku seems to be evolving... Who knows, maybe Google silently killed off Jaiku...

Anyway, if you have some Jaiku invites to spare, please send me one :-) I'd like to convince myself it's not a dead service (yet)!

Update: flabbergasted... Less than a two hours after posting this, I received an invite and am now on Jaiku. Don't start spamming me for invites just yet: I haven't gotten any... Happy to be on Jaiku though :-)

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