Monday, July 7, 2008

EP screwing us over?

It is once again amazing to see the ease with which European politicians are manhandled by large corporations. Recently, France implemented a law banning p2p traffic. Now they want to do the same in Europe. Is it a coincidence one of the largest European record labels has strong ties with France? I think not.

The French are cunningly trying to disguise copyrightlaw-like rules as part of the new Telecommunications directive; which it of course is not and should not be.

The French proposals include forcing ISP's to monitor and filter all traffic and to block traffic that *possibly* infringes on someone's IP. I do not want my ISP snooping around my traffic. Besides, I'm pretty sure we'll be the ones paying for this in the end.

I suggest we say 'no' to this rubbish. Please, contact a MEP of your choice and tell him so!

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