Thursday, May 15, 2008

Adobe leading the way? Of all people?

It happening, however odd this may seem: Adobe is leading the way. The company that hardly ever seemed to care about Linux in the past, has now released Flash 10 beta for *all* popular operating systems. Of course, I installed the beta on my fairly new Hardy install.

I noticed a couple of things which you might find useful. First of all: Flash 10 seems to have Pulseaudio support built in. That *is* good. I removed the old player, removed the extra lib in installed (see this post) and downloaded the beta from here. It's a matter of downloading, untarring and running the packaged installer. Yes, you read it correctly: "installer". And it actually does more than just copying the file: it does a lot of checks on architecture, browser, directory, version of glibc etc.) .

Second: it seems amazingly stable for a beta. Admittedly, I haven't tried to do a lot with it yet, but playing a couple of videos over different tabs of Firefox and playing Rhythmbox at the same time works wonderfully. No crashes, mixing is nice (install pavumeter and pavucontrol for this, trust me.) and...

Three: it's amazingly fast. For the untrained eye of sub average Flashplayer user (that's me), the opening sites like is fast and smooth. Again, I admit, I'm not a heavy user, so if someone tells me tomorrow Flash 10 is just a recompile of 9 with a different version number: sorry :)

Anyway, I'm using too many words again. Point is: Flash 10 *might just rock*. And it's from that company that never took Linux very seriously. Well, things can change...

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