Sunday, April 27, 2008

First Dilbert, now Foxnews?

When the Dilbert website got renewed the other day, there appeared to be some weird stuff going on with the animated cartoon there. All of a sudden, in 2008, there was this page that was not supporting Linux, a page that required usage of Mac OS X or Windows ${something}. In 2008. It had been a long time since I had seen an abberation like that...

It seemed I wasn't the only one to notice this new "functionality" and the lack thereof on Hordes of people discussed the new Flashyness of the website on Slashdot, for example. Eventually, the official Dilbert blog reacted, telling us all would get better soon. And behold: it did. I just tried the mash-up and animated cartoon pages and they work fine on my brand new Hardy box running FF3.0b5, as you can see on the right here.

All in all, the issue seem both fixable and unnecessary: the site works fine on Linux.

The message about your OS that appeared at the website, now also appears on, as reported here. Normally, I don't watch or read anything related to Fox, but I just had to try this: the message is *exactly* the same as it was on

This tells me that the check for Windows and / or Mac OS X, previously in place at and currently in place at, was nothing but a phony test for user agent strings. And more importantly, it's probably part of some lame embedded Flash package for a blog or CMS engine.

In 2008, such tests are considered evil. If that package is yours, please, remove that silly test from it now. We'll act like it never happened and just say it was an easy mistake to make. Even though it isn't.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Speak out, boycot the Olympics!

China has been grossly violating human rights over the past years. Recently, the human rights situation in Tibet has worsened even further: we all have seen the images from Tibet a few weeks ago.

Up to now, not a single nation has stepped forward and seriously condemned the way Chinese troops squelched the uprising in Tibet. Not *one* country was courageous enough to tell China to back off. Not the USA (always willing to step forward, as long as it's about oil), not the EU (sorry, we couldn't reach consensus) and not the UN. Sure, there were some protests, but all of these were feeble, at best.

I call for a boycot of the the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

Check the following links for more information about this subject.