Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dutch government sanctions ODF!

Last week I went to a seminar by OSOSS about the implementation of ODF within the Dutch government. It was a very interesting day and there was a lot of talk about the usage of open source software and open standards. And whaddayaknow: the Dutch parliament have already sanctioned ODF for obligatory use within the government starting April '08. We might actually be making some progress here! :-) Several Dutch government agencies have already started implementation of ODF, which means that whether OOXML becomes a standard in February or not, I will not matter. ODF has already scored a sounding victory.

Here Comes Another Bubble!

Brilliant video about the New And Improved internet bubble! I must the the kazillionth persion to blog this, but the hell cares: it really is pretty cool :)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Amsterdam goes open source!

Finally, steps are made in the quite IT-conservative Dutch government to move to open source software! The city of Amsterdam has successfully tested a Linux desktop environment (presumably SUSE Linux) and will be doing deployment and more testing the coming months! More over at