Friday, November 9, 2007

The Governator leads the way

We Europeans like to have a good laugh about Americans every now and then. And boy, did we laugh when the state of California elected Arnold Schwarzenegger governor.

However, if you have been following the news you might have noticed this proves to be less disastrous than one would have expected...

Recently, the state of California filed suit against the federal US government because - pay attention now - the federal government is hampering Californian attempts to enforce strict environmental laws. Of course, the Schwarzenegger administration has made it's share of mistakes, but on environmental issues it seems to be way ahead of the other US states. Actually, on some issues they seem to be way ahead of us. The laws California seeks to enforce are not to be dismissed easily. We are talking about serious CO2 reductions of up to 25%. I'm not sure the EU can match these figures.

If California gets what it wants, other states will likely follow by implementing their own strict environmental laws, amongst which the influential states New York, Washington and Massachusetts.

In other news: American auto-makers are suing the Californian government. The new Californian laws might damage the US auto-industry, or so they say, which is of course much more important that the health of the planet...

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