Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Aah! My ears!

I used to like Melanie. I liked the 'Brand new key' song, I thought it was a nice, happy song and I thought Melanie was a fairly acceptable singer. Granted, I only knew a couple of songs she did, but hey they were all pretty much okay. I knew Beautiful People, Brand new key and basically, that was it. Actually, I thought she quit a long while ago: her last hit dates from 1983.

They other day, my girlfriend bought a Melanie CD. It sounds like a live CD. On the CD Melanie does covers of popular songs. (I'm desperately trying to remain calm now.) She has the fucking nerve to no less than rape Ruby Tuesday and Every Breath you Take. Apparently, she hasn't quit: Every Breath You Take dates from 1983, so the CD must date from after that.

So, Melanie, if you read this: please, for the love of God, stick to your own stuff, leave other peoples repertoire alone and STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM EVERYTHING THE STONES DID! DO NOT PLEASE NOT DO RUBY TUESDAY EVER AGAIN!

Gah! Sorry about that.

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