Thursday, October 18, 2007

Google Fight!

This is absolutely hilarious!

Check Google Fight: just enter two contestants and see them have a popularity fight, just like this one!

Friday, October 12, 2007

And thus it begins...

Recently, Steve Ballmer (Microsoft CEO), announced he expected companies that sue Microsoft for patent infringement might come after open source companies in the future as well. Initially, we all though 'FUD!'. After all, the SCO case is essentially over and 'we' won.

However sinister things are happening as we speak. A company called IP Innovation LLC has filed patent infringement claims against Red Hat and Novell, two of the world's leading Linux companies. Even though we are probably talking about a bogus patent claim, there are some things to aware of here.

First of all, two of the executives of IP Innovation's parent company only just joined the company. The two execs have less than half a year between them in time as employee at IP Innovation's mother: Acacia Technologies. One of those execs used to be an Intelectual Property Licensing buff in his previous job. Guess where.

Now count this up:

  1. The SCO case is almost over
  2. Ballmer starts mumbling about patent claims against Linux, by Microsoft itself and by third parties

  3. As if ordered to do so, some company files patent suits against Red Hat and Novell
  4. Two of the executives of the company owning the plaintiff only recently transfered in from Microsoft
  5. At least one of them used to be concered with intelectual property licensing with his previous (?) master
I ask you, I this a coincidence or ellaborate scheming? Steve, don't you have the balls to do this yourself?

Monday, October 8, 2007

Aerial Escort

Just a few minutes ago, an airliner flew over near where I work. It was escorted by a couple of F16 fighter-bombers. As far as I know, that only happens when something evil is happening. I feel bad for the people in the plane. Must scare them like hell... I hope nothing bad happens.

Update: rumor has it, that the escort had to do with the visit of the president of the German Republic to the Netherlands today and that the plane was his.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Bye bye ABN AMRO

Yesterday, the 'consortium' received permission from Brussels to buy ABN AMRO, one of the largest banks in the world. It remains a mystery to the layman why on earth ABN AMRO had to be sold off. One of the reasons is - without a doubt - the letter written by the mischieviously inaptly named Children's Investments Fund. One other reason is - also without a doubt to me and a lot of other people - the vast amount of money ABN AMRO's CEO Rijkman Groenink will receive as a 'reward' for selling off his company.

Isn't that the wrong way around? Reward the man for keeping the company I understand, rewarding him for acquiring another company I understand too. Rewarding him for selling it seems insane.

This is even more true in the case of Numico, which was sold off to Danone by, generating a hughe prize for Numico's CEO, allegedly reaching into the tens of millions of euros. Again: reward the man for keeping Numico a strong, healthy, independent company, not for selling it to a foreign rival. Notice, by the way, Numico's CEO was a Danone employee until recently. The man just sold off his current company to his old one.

Explain it to me - and don't start babbling about investor capital or all that rubish, explain it to me from the viewpoint of the employee of those companies and the viewpoint of their customers - explain why on earth these people get rewarded instead of crucified?

It seems to me CEO's get rewarded for finding their chair and coffeecup in the morning. Did you ever hear of a CEO who failed to receive his bonus? Do they get contracts that state 'you receive a bonus unless Armageddon' instead of the 'you might receive a bonus, maybe, perhaps and in the eventuality etc.' that I always get??

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Aah! My ears!

I used to like Melanie. I liked the 'Brand new key' song, I thought it was a nice, happy song and I thought Melanie was a fairly acceptable singer. Granted, I only knew a couple of songs she did, but hey they were all pretty much okay. I knew Beautiful People, Brand new key and basically, that was it. Actually, I thought she quit a long while ago: her last hit dates from 1983.

They other day, my girlfriend bought a Melanie CD. It sounds like a live CD. On the CD Melanie does covers of popular songs. (I'm desperately trying to remain calm now.) She has the fucking nerve to no less than rape Ruby Tuesday and Every Breath you Take. Apparently, she hasn't quit: Every Breath You Take dates from 1983, so the CD must date from after that.

So, Melanie, if you read this: please, for the love of God, stick to your own stuff, leave other peoples repertoire alone and STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM EVERYTHING THE STONES DID! DO NOT PLEASE NOT DO RUBY TUESDAY EVER AGAIN!

Gah! Sorry about that.