Saturday, September 15, 2007

Back from holiday

Wow, that was great. I just returned last week from a trip to the western USA. What a great holiday that was!

We saw some amazing things there. If you ever get there, be sure to visit the great National Parks in California, Arizona and Utah. Especially Zion NP is beautiful. And do not skip Death Valley either: amazing and mindbogglingly pretty, despite the heat.

Now, San Fransisco is one of the most fantastic cities I have ever been to. I would love to spend some more time there. Las Vegas is fun, but just for a few days. Unless you need to get rid of a lot of cash, of course. I put up some pictures on my Flickr website. Most of the pictures there are public.

A very recommended holiday destination!

Edit: if you take a look at the Flick page, be sure to look beyond the pictures from Universal Studios. That was a fun day, but the pictures do not really show a lot of the holiday!

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