Tuesday, June 12, 2007

You know Casema, the Dutch ISP?

Avoid 'em if you can. Granted they are not as bad as Planet Internet (a company I'll blog about later), but hell, they are pretty close.

A few days ago, I wrote them a letter. A paper one, not even an easy-to-overlook email, but a proper letter. The letter said, that since I am moving to a new home next month, I thought I'd inform them I wanted to stop using their ISP service and wanted to keep their cable TV service in my new house.

Now, this all coincided with the end of my agreement with them anyway so this all would be relatively convenient you'd guess? I expressly told them I did not want the ISP agreement to be prolonged, I expressly told them I did want the cable TV agreement to be prolonged (this part was by phone, since I did not want to confuse them) and I told them my new address.

A few days later, they sent me a letter. Most of it was okay (the cable was prolonged, the internet agreement wasn't). Only, all of a sudden they thought I was living at an address I moved a way from almost 2 years ago. So I called them and corrected this.

A few days later, they sent me a letter again. Now I didn't only live at the old address, I received my cable signal there too. Called them slightly irritated, corrected it.

A few days later, they sent me yet another a letter. Now the signal address was okay again, the address where I was going to receive their invoices was still wrong and my internet agreement was suddenly prolonged. Thanks. Called them, fairly pissed off and tried to correct this. The dude on the other end told me I had to choose another phone menu option while calling them, wait another 10 minutes, listening to Celine Dion and talk to someone else. Even though *he* was at the menu option 'problems with invoices'. After all: since the invoice address was wrong, I figured it to be an invoice problem. I had to call .subscription terminations. instead.

Funny thing was that though I waited longer when I called 'invoice problems' the 'terminations' phone menu option directly said 'you'll have to wait more than 5 minutes, please call again at some other time'. Isn't it weird how they tell you that when you want to terminate you subscription, but not when you are trying to set your address straight?

So I finally I got the 'subscription terminations' woman at the other end of the line. I think she was actually not annoying and they really tried to be helpful. There's a first. Still, I daren't hope: when I receive yet another letter from Casema, this time with the correct address and subscription details, then it'll be soon enough to be happy about all this. Not a second earlier.

When our cable company was still owned by the city, this stuff really never happened. I have or have heard of similar experiences with Planet Internet, Nuon and a whole bunch of other previously state-owned companies. Really, globalization, multinationals, privatization all that didn't bring anything good for the man in the street, only for wealthy shareholders.

My €0.02.

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