Monday, June 11, 2007

Phew, hard times

It's hard being a geek. Here we are inside, stuck behind our desks and keyboards, while outside the sun is melting the tarmac. Even your humblest, menial server sits in an air-conditioned room, where temperatures are a lot more pleasant then behind my desk. In the sun.

But let's cut the crap. Of course I was raging with anger (well, disappointment really) when I head today Tom Hanrahan is joining Microsoft. Hanrahan is a former employee of OSDL and the Linux Foundation. I haven't lost all hope, since precedents exists where prominent members of the FLOSS community join Microsoft, only to leave after a really short stay there. I'll just briefly mention the name of Daniel Robbins here in that context.

I am very anxious to here Hanrahan explain what he hopes to achieve in Redmond and what goals he is setting for himself during his employment. I wish him well and I hope he will be able to create a more understanding MS instead of strengthening the Moloch a lot of us have all come to despise. I really hope he'll bring insight to the people at Microsoft, but I really, really, really doubt he'll be able to.

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