Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Months, no, years ago, I thought about setting up a coffee-rating blog. Every time I had coffee somewhere, I would rate it by certain criteria. That way, I was going to create an overview of where to get nice coffee. Because, as you all know, coffee is important. Of course, I never did this. Coffee isn't that important, after all.

Recently though, I noticed that almost every company or site I visit in the Netherlands has a Douwe Egberts coffee machine. If I'm correct, those come in several price categories. My own employer has the 'good' ones. The ones that ground the beans as you press the 'coffee' button. Most other companies have the cheap ones, the cones with pre-ground coffee, the ones that create jet-engine noises while brewing a cup. The ones that, in the end, prduce crap coffee.

What they usually have is something from the a DE Fresh Brew Gallery series or similar. They advertise these things with (in Dutch) 'every cup is fresh'. And 'every cup of coffee or espresso with a nice foam on top'. Foam?? WTF?

Coffee shouldn't have foam! If I want a frothy liquid, I buy a Coke! Espresso has a little foam on top because of the way it is made. In espresso, water is forced through coffee at high pressure. This pressure forces the oil from the coffee down into your cup, creating a slight foam.

The cups I get from these machines look like someone emptied their shampoo bottle in them. Unbelievable. But then again, people drink Senseo too...

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