Sunday, June 10, 2007

Another blog change

I'm not a very good blogger, it seems. I've changed this page about 6 times in the past year, I've swapped blogging engines in about the same rate, but the amount of posts here is well below that par.

I'm trying to up the ante a bit the next few months. I'm moving to a new house (again) and moving to a new job (again, though this time it's at the same company). Besides that, I'm going to the US on holiday this year. I should have enough to write about for a while, but then again, you never quite know...

On a sidenote, I hope I bump into an old mysql backup somewhere, because I used to have at least a couple of dozen posts here. I fscked them up when I migrated to a beta version of Typo, I think. My own fault though. I'm happy Typo4 is finally done. Typo is such a bliss to work with, compared to a lot of the other engines.

I'm going to set up a svn for my new Rails project now (it's still a rewrite of my old php project bbps called Lapis, but now it's a rewrite of the rewrite ;-) ). I think it's safe to say bbps is dead. Personally, I think the competition of and such websites killed it. That and the fact that it needed an Apache install, mod_php install and a mysql install. Too much of a hassle for a relatively small program. Lapis will do that differently. Lapis will be able to run with an Apache server, mod_ruby and mysql, but because it's rails, you can also run it locally with mongrel or webbrick and sqlite. Fast enough, low memory footprint and not as much of a hassle to install.

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