Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Changes, changes

About a month or two ago, I started working at a new job. I finally found the thing I was looking for. I now work with a very large international IT company, which gives me the chance of becoming a Linux specialist and getting paid for it at last. :)

Anyway, I started working on a blogging system a few months ago. I found Typo wasn't evolving rapidly enough and I thought I could do better. Well, I wrote the system, it works, but I don't find it's better than Typo yet. And given the fact that I now have very little spare time, I'll place that little project in the fridge and I'll work with Typo some more.

Sadly, most of my posts I wrote before I f**cked up two (!) of my harddrives (and with that, my backups of my previous blog) are now gone forever. The only post I had left is the one below.

Fuck it, I'll start a new one. Right here, right now. I have some nice ideas on themes to write about, so it'll keep me busy in my (scarce) spare time.

Meanwhile, I bought me a Fujifilm S9500 camera, which is fantastic. Now, if I just had time to go out and learn how to shoot some nice pictures...

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